Sowiee and sorry ^^

I am sorry (damn I am) if I got carried away easily

I can't control the excitedness
For history being by my sweetheart subject since I was in school
I am sorry for being so outspoken in class literally and it hurts people too much
I admit the mistake I have done, I am a human too, not a saint
You'll have to understand that all people have their own side of bitchyness
No one could ever resists such a word, no one could ever do
I admit my done, and I knew it was not right, so here's the word: SORRY

If you hate it, this is your chance to talk
Don't simply tell out the world a tiny-weeny mistake that was in purposely done
I am a human, an organism whom has a brain and feeling to be considered
So what if you tell the world the things you hate about me? What can it do?
It can't reverse back the time, it can't do anything,
The only thing that the world can do is the people inside it who were agreeing, liking and sending bombs to damage one heart who was reading it.

Cakap je lah, "Intan, jangan buat macam tadi, orang rasa annoying.."
I have the my diplomatic view, I wont be firing like a ass-tempered man
You should tell me in the good way, not to post on my back
I am 21 years old girl, a consideration is the my first priority, not like fighting kids
I can listen, and a good friend should remind each other and yes, I will improve.

Do you think you are good enough?
Your action has proven your immaturity

Boys and girls, just bear with me...three more years to go. We will learn from time to time

ps: I am sorry, and you should also be sorry for your stupid action

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