Last night was my 3rd-time-sleepless nights. The first two because of nyamuk and pijat till I had to change my tilam and last night a pretty exaggerating; stomach ache

Dammit! I can't even walk properly to the toilet due to stomach cramp as if I am a bloating goat and I spend most of hours in the toilet, sampai rasa mau tidur je dalam toilet tu =.='' . I 'visited' to toilet hourly since 3am-until subuh when Lolot woke me up to solat. Apa yang aku makan ek?? same je la dgn Lolot and Asma makan.We shared food together and I'm the only one who got the pain.

Or maybe,lambat makan kut. hehe

I tell you something, I am prone to stomach ache. I don't know why.

Punya tak tahan, later in the morning I went to the clinic to seek Dr Aswan. I seriously need medicine because tomorrow is our last paper and I dont want sakit while sitting for exam. Dah la immunology, =.=''

While during health examination, I've just discovered that I'm having consecutively a low blood pressure. It's been like more than 3 times since the last check. I wonder why?? kalau cakap tak makan tu takkan la sampai asyik turun je. I do eat, sampai sakit perut but my blood doesn't seems to agree..

And Dr Aswan gave me another dehydration salts which I never thought of drinking it.


Tomorrow is the last day of exam. Lepas tu free kejap, and sambung short sem. I can't wait going home!! My mum said she's gonna cook me macam-macam..and I seriously missed home cooking.

And Dear Allah, please ease my day tomorrow... amin :)

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