so long 2010

Tonight is the last day of 2010. And here I am, updating this with a glass of hot tea I made myself. Nak diet la kunun. Lately ni asyik nak makan je. Risau gak ni, ade je bende nak masuk mulut. Orange juice program stop for a while sebab kekurangan bajet sementara nak tunggu JPA. Lolot is away with Mira and Zeha to Tudung sell kat blok 6. Aku tak pegi sebab tak berminat dgn tudung zaman sekarang. I'm kind of old fashion girl. So be it.

I don't feel like celebrating new year. I can't find the answer because everyday is just the same ordinary day to me. Nothing special. While others busy and cheering for new year, I rather locked myself in the room and stared at the dark.

Tapi last2, keluar jugak.. =.='' hehe. Thanks to Prof Aung, Akmal, Paan, Hezry :D

Most ppl have their own resolution that they want to achieve. I have my own too. Tak delah terlampau extraem sangat sebab tak tau la dapat buat ke tak but this is at least I must say I may/must achieve in 2011

  1. Lose weight. At most 57 is the ideal weight for me.45kg tu mcm mustahil je. Hehe
  2. Study.No more procrastination! 4 flat!!
  3. Khatam Quran lagi.
  4. Don't speak too much.
  5. Devoted myself toward Allah, Rasul, friends, family
  7. Control myself-less bitchy
  8. Less tears
  9. Save money
  10. Be good to everyone :)

As simple as that.

What I have achieved so far is rather good. 2010 is the good year and hopefully 2011 is better.

Happy new year Aina Meducci readers :) May this year is a blissful year to you

ps: Baru balik sambut new year dgn bff terbaik!! hehe

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