"Lupakan aku kembali padanya
aku bukan siapa-siapa untukmu.."
~ Dmasiv~

This quote send chill to my spine. Reminds me of the past. The happy times we used to be together. But it was past though, nothing could ever change that. I'd still remember how sweet the laughter, the pranks we poked each other. But suddenly Fate has changed it all. I drown into the sea of hatred. I tried so hard to save this broken heart from scattering. I dug into many sleepless nights, thinking about the mistake I've done. I motivated myself to carry on with life without those laughter again...that's what I keep telling myself as the tears fell out my face..

Past is over. I lose

But now it's coming back. I won't let myself drowning this time. I'm gonna win!!

Allah, if you let me to return back those days,
I wish I could never met you....boy

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