ok fine, this getting serious!

I do not know why some people change way different than they used to be! For some reason I think this is their true colors, despite from the beginning I know them from the first time. It's kinda irritating. YES, VERY VERY REVOLTING!!

You do not know how much you've change.
I used to adore your friendship-ness
But I don't know what does it meant to you NOW
You'd think it so easy for you cos' you owned your friends, and you can do anything you like
You're growing apart to a new person that I almost can't believe you used to be a SAINT
You talking shits, the jokes that are never meant to be laughed.
Don't you ever know that you're actually made many hearts broken??
or you never realize it cos' there's nothing to realize by you
You change the style and attitudes
that sickened the eyes
you never know how much I feel about you right now
I never wanted to grow a seed of hatred,
but I can feel it's growing silently in my this old heart

ps: baru aku sedar yang sebenarnye aku marah!! tense tense tense..

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