i felt something..

I felt something..something which I do not know whether it is right to me, or not. For sure, this is not LOVE!

I know how life has been a little too hard to me
I had had to find a way to survive
too many roads to choose
But as time goes by, I'll know the right ways to be

Some people may know
but MOST of them thinking
I dont want to be labelled as *****
I have my own pride
they're on the top
but it's hard to explain
only to those who knew me, could understand
if they only if...

During in the low moon
Sometimes I do not know to whom should I refer to,
The one I hope to be a knight and shiny armour
slowly pulled away soon after having a pocket of gold in the hands
leaving me in the darkness
but somehow,
another knight were coming
that I had thought just to be a passing-by vagabond
reached my hand and took me into the glamorous night
where the stars were blinking, showing it's miracle

Now, I wonder how to be in green again
sometimes I feel very guilty
but sometimes I feel glad
to live alone is a better option
but somehow, I need to be cuddle
and you made me feel like I should be with you
but you left me when you cuddled your gold
but when I leave you away
you accused me to be ******!!

I do not know when will we come to the end of our rainbow
I really need the time to think
just you and me..


Ps : kalau korang blurr dgn ape yg aku try nk sampaikan, just ignore it.
I just don't know how to blurt it out :(

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