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Currently in love with ; Hari yang kau sakiti- Rossa.


~ it's soothing~ and I know I couldn't run from romantic kinda song. Just like 80's and 70's!! I'm still in love with them. Almost 70% mp3 in my lappy are oldies, 60s, 70's, 80's and 90's..hahaha


Final is round the corner. In about less than 2 weeks, I'm gonna be a crazy-little-62-lad running all over the campus studying. But now I feel lost somehow, due to assignments and things-that-should-not-be-bother-before-final. They are coming to me now, screwing my head.

After all, I did feel, dean list is far from reality but I will try!! Ya Allah, permudahkan urusan hambaMu ini...


Orange juice diet

Thanks to Prof Aung and Dr Rahman, my weight is lose far more better than I had thought. I did lost 4 kg last 2 weeks ago. Amazing right??

follow the tips if you want to do the same

1. Buy fresh oranges.
2. Buy a squeezer

A squeezer!

3. Squeeze the orange against the squeezer and drink the just
(the pure juice might be too little but you can add some water)
4. Eat the remaining orange. Not the skin! but the white fibres on it. Good for your intestine. =)
5. Do this every meal a day = 3 oranges
6. you can always have a fresh orange from the hypermarker (less sugar) and drink in the morning if you dont have time to squeeze it.
7. Exercise-walking is enough
8. Control you food.
9. Drink lots of water
10. avoid junk foods
11. practice to have healthy diet and meal
12. dont eat at night! eat before 8pm!

*The oranges is a little investment but the result is worth it all!

Selamat Mencuba!

ps: ruminant production, oral test physiology, anatomy test and rp test before final
wish me 100000x of lucks. I might need it!

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