kena tegur lg..

ish cik meducci yg xpenah belajar dr kesilapan lepas..senang cite, ni la padahnya add lecturer kt facebook. sume aktiviti kene pantau..pastu kene comment pedas..

xbole ke main2??
im tired being serious...
there's a time where i need to enjoy myself
after all, im not like others
yg ade 3 months off
paling lame cuti pon 2 mggu..
not 14 days..its only 10..

maybe he's right
disciplinary makes him a man
adored by others
maybe I will remorse what im saying now
who knows 20 years later from now,
i'll be the same
wanting ppl below me to stay hardwork

he's very passionate
he's keen on what he's doing
he's very ambitious
he knows life better than

if i keep fooling around AGAIN
im a dead meat
he's a butcher...

How am I gonna face him in the campus later??

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