hectic chaotic first week

I was hoping things will get better when I embrace new days at UMK. however, it turned out to be the most disaster week I'd ever had.

firstly, I was expected to arrive 2 days late because I was suppose to attend my cousin wedding at kampung but it was a day before the wedding that I was told to be back on sunday because we will have Industrial Training seminar on tuesday. I longed to watch my lovely cousin kak long have her wedding but I managed to attend her malam nikah. it was very frustrating u know, when someone that you love want you by her side during her happiest moment of life, and you're not there. But, at least I met her before going back to UMK.

me and kak long

pengantin baru..

after attended malam nikah until 1.00am in the morning, my parents and I shoot back to KL. we reached home at about 2.00am in the morning and it was very tiring and exhausted. i envetually fall asleep and woke up at 6am and started to lift my things in the car. We departed at 7.30am and went through so called journey to h**l for 6 hours and 30 minutes.

we reached kelantan at 3pm. I told my parents to stay at hotel to take a nap and later at 4.00pm, we went to UMK for my room check-in. after that, we went to have lunch at the local foodstall and as I was eating, I got a call from Asma.

"Intan, you need to submit Industrial Report today by 5pm because Dr azam wants it now!!"

I felt like as if I can jump off the canyon

so, xsempat nak abis makan kene rush pegi print assigment.

Nasib baik sume dh siap..Alhamdulillah

Dr Azam and Dr Rahman said I put a lot of weight.. =.='' which is NOT TRUE!!

xsempat nk relex, we were given 2 days to present LI seminar. Another rush. Sempat say goodbye kat mak dgn abah malam sebelum seminar. xsempat nk ckp time pagi sbb dh kene wat seminar.. adoii
thanks mak abah sebab hantar adik balik. :)

Seminar went well, except a little surprise at the end where Shira and Zeha did us a movie maker which is well kinda embarrassing to see myself at Ulu Lepar..hehehe

during seminar

Next day, we went to visit dairy cattle at Pasir Putih. Hahahaa. lembu kt situ sume baik xmcm lembu2 kt ulu lepar yg suka kick org. lembu tenusu much more better and calm. I learnt how to milking and then kene minum susu tu. dah la fresh panas2 perah pastu minum..kinda ewww..


portable milking machine

manual milking..penat giler =.=''

*Dr Mokhtar hensem!! hahaha :)

eventhough busy during first week ni, sempat luangkan sikit masa dgn probono. Thanks guys, u made me my day. suke makan ice cream 1 tupperware same2 sampai muak >.<''

latest, kene jadi MC majlis chairman lecture series, Huhu last minute pnye bidan terjun, buat je. hahah Alhamdullilah sume ok..siap dpt penghargaan lg.heheh tp kalau next time org offer jd mc, seboleh2nye xnak la, sebab susah taw jd mc ni..kene hafal sane sini pastu there is always changing of plan. thanks to fizzy mahadi yg cool je jadi partner mc aku.

skng ni busy nk recap balik study..huhu tension tgk subject semakin susah + amik bahasa thai. bahasa thai ni amik secara terpaksa but I like it....hehehe. yg susah skit sbb kene hafal huruf sanskrit dia tu. ko-kai, kho-khai, kho-kwaii....

siyesly, bole jd lembut lidah aku nnti

Hopefully, nothings goes wrong this sem. I hope for the best :)

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