My secret beloved

I'm looking for a man
who live in my fantasy
where he is the prince
and I am his "princess"
and the story started
when I was locked off in the dragon tour
counting days and nights
waiting for someone to rescue
and when the prince came
he defeated the dragon
and brought me out
to see the world
our true love kiss has broke the spell
and now I'm free..and be his Queen forever

do he live in my world? in my reality?
or it's just a fairy tale?
where it used to be my bedtime story
is that prince charming is exist for me?
or if he existed,
do I deserve him?
do i? do i??
I'm a every man's nightmares..
though I never hope i will have to love someone
but still in my heart
this feeling growing
the feeling that wanted to be love and care
I have thought it deeply
I want my prince is the one
that cuddles me
that loves me even though in hard times
that always be there for me
that always brings a sun in my day,
stars in my night
that always knew my best
that always give a strength
and put aside my weakness...


though I never know when the time will come
but I still believe
someday my prince will come
and like a cupid
his arrow penetrate my heart
and I will love him
forever and ever more
till' my last breath on earth...

I complete his ribs
I am his Eve...

Baru balik lepas tgk movie Shrek-Forever After
rase mcm nk dpt je org mcm shrek
buruk tapi hati baik.
I adored him! :)

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