Berakhirnya sebuah penantian...

It has been 6 months
since the final exam ended
and we were waiting...and waiting...
stressss gilerr!!
tah bape byk rumors dgr psl result
i dont count how many tear drops falled
worrying too much
and we were waiting as if the result took us forever to publish
it was time...we were finally gave up
like Doreis Day says; Que sera sera
(Whatever will be, will be)
dah x kisah psl bila nk kuar result sem 2.
jemu menunggu...
ape nk jadi jadi lah!!!


Finally all the riddles unrevealed
the uncertainty is finally straightened
no more doubt
it was written
that i finally got what i deserved
aku xtaw nk luahkan perasaan ni mcm mane lagi
I'm being emotion-less
because it suddenly came out
out of sudden
in the middle of the afternoon
when somebody told me
the result is on the net
i went to see it
praying hard that i could maintain at least 3 pointer.
i expected my sem 2 result will be far more worst than sem 1
clicking, clicking
the moment i laid my eyes on the laptop screen
i finally maintained my result!
even tough it dropped slightly 0.4..
but compared to sem 1..
sem 2 was more challenging
I could have done sujud syukur
because Allah has answered my pray
Thank you Allah!!
I will fulfill what I've promised you, Ya Allah :)

Congrats to all Vetties, I hope we can do a lot more better to get a good result next sem :)
Don't be sad, please believe, Allah has arranged something good for you,
everything happened has it's own reason
sometimes we're on top,
and other day we'll down
it must have its own hikmah,
Allah will endow people whom are strong, and patience
towards all the difficulties in life
just bear with it..
buckle up guys!!
the journey is not meeting its own termination yet!!
we'll still got a long way to go

My Probonos:
Thanks a lot.I owed u guys a fortune. I can't pay you with mountains full of golds. I can't pay you with anything at all! You guys lead the way for me, to reach the highest sky and grab the shining star. The togetherness has lead to our success and to be more prepared for the upcoming challanges!!
thanks for always be there for me
thanks for the advices
thanks for the stupid jokes and gossips
thanks for always lend me ears to hear my predicaments
thanks for always spend time for me
to entertain my days
to listen to my songs
(even though you DONT like it hahaha)
to warm my lonely nights
to share the laughters,tears and pains
because I knew, no one can ever give that
except YOU, my Probono's

Congrates to All of You!!
Semoga Allah akan sentiasa memberikan yg terbaik untuk kita :)
Usaha, Berdoa dan Tawakal!!

I missed you guys!! :(
Asma Munshi, Akmal Ezat, Paan, Maman!!

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