yang lepas tu lepas la...

Today is like a day of disaster ke??? i dont know what to say but its like everything crumpled up!

so, aku pon baru balik lepas lunch and my mood was like slightly better skit..fuhh..

Pagi ni, i woke up 15 min past 6! HELL! aku kunci jam pkul 5 ingat nk bangun awal study tenses, subject verb agreement and stuff tp dh terlajak put the blame on me. x disiplin dgn masa..hmmm

I was struggling with all those things i've learnt during last nite conversation with Mr rizal, our former english lecturer whom is now away at sydney, australia to pursue his was very good though, he still remember my first presentation "scorpion-send me an angel" and says i was doing fine on it.. he's the one who gave me A in english during my first sem..and coincidently, as the clock struck 12, i wished him his Birthday...Happy Bday Mr rizal, all the best and may Alah bless you :)

so, i browsed through every materials about tenses and SVA i got in the internet exactly after subuh prayer. best la jugak buat exercise nih.

i went to sit my exam at 9 oclock. usually, aku kol mak abah dulu mintak restu dorang aku nk exam ni. lepas dh dgr suare dorang bagi aku semangat nk jawab exam ni huhu.lepas dh isi sume detail kt answer sheet aku pon bukak la tgk soklan dia..


hmmm..part grammar tu ok la..aku pon terkonfius membezakan "have been, has been, had been" adoiyaii xpenah lulus tenses aku nih..hmmm ade gak part yg senang..sampai je kt reading comprehension..

*i spent almost 30 minutes on this part"

reluctant to give up, i went to last part of the question, essay question . there's 4 question..argumentative but choose only 1. i choose the first question. psl endangered species..knapa kene save land for this animals... bole plak aku terblurr..adoi..last skali dpt gak points tp elaboration, dont bother the grammar parts..goreng je hahaha

i was speeding when writing because reading comprehension td x siap..tah pape soklan..byk kbkk within 40 minutes meggoreng, masak da essay aku.

pastu ade mase lg 15 min..siapkan part yg tggal tu

in my life, x penah aku jawab english dlm keadaan serba kelam kabut ni...congrats intan, this is ur first...

------------------story ends--------------------

How does you feel
when someone suddenly said
the thing that he/she shouldn't be mentioned
in front of you, or other ppl
doesnt it sounds inappropriate? does it?
it's humiliating
when they said something anatomically in our body?
it's not a joke
i repeat
damn those ppl, cursed u a lil bit haha
even if it has crossed in ur mind
why u must said it in front of other ppl??
len kali, think before u said
jagalah hati org tu
kalau nk melawak pon
mind the edges!
jgn smpai memalukan org tu depan org lain
cube plak kalau ko jd org tu?
mesti tercabar kan??
nk ckp pon jgn la depan2
retarded moron!

Am I being so saint? or maybe, noble? i might not tolerate with those ppl who do not mind their words, especially the ones which i considered "bajet power la" its revolting!! eiwww grrr

I flunked my english :(
that's the end of sem 3 (short sem)..
My hope is buried beneath the exam papers..

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