I don't belong to you..

You loved me once,
You wanted me once,
Even though I never shown my feelings
But you never leave me alone.

Now you're gone,
and leave me alone,
There's a time when I appreciate your present
and please forgive me..

I'm sorry to make you cry,
and I let you choose her,
but don't ever blame you fate
I'm sure she's the one for you..

Don't ever remember me,
cos' I don't belong to you
even if I still pledging and asking for your love
Don't ever leave her....because of me..

p/s: just wanted to share.. I translated this song from malay to english because the song is very meaningful..cube la teka agak2 apa tajuk and sape yg nyanyi lagu ni??

Besok exam english!!!
owhh hmmm nk study ape ek??
come on Probono,
YA Allah, permudahkanlah perjalananku pd hari esok..

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