School Talk

School Talk 1

I was given a task by Dr Jasbir Sighn on the "Kempen kesedaran kucing 2010" organized by our faculty. The whole class is divided into 6 major groups. I was on the 3rd group altogether with 8 friends. This is our task

School Talk to Primary School
standard 5 and 6.

Aku memang agak terkejut gak la. I never given any talk in my life!! so yg ni first time la dalam hidup aku bg talk kat org.hahaha. I was given a movie maker task for introducing UMK vet. Aku pon baru la nk bertatih wat movie maker. dah ketinggalan zaman la aku ni. org lain dh leyh buat dreamweaver yg aku ni tercangak2 buat basic. Cursed on my IT skills. Tapi bagus la..dpt gak pengalaman buat bende ni drpd xtaw pape. Kami berbincang untuk wat aktiviti lain2 so that kempen ni x tersasar dari objektif utama. Intro movie,Magic box, cats demonstration, cats movie..

Macam2 dugaan aku buat movie maker malam before hari ceramah tu. Software x compatible, pastu plak dh download software yg baru jam plak masa tgh edit2 gmba2 tu. Bape kali tah aku force shut down laptop aku sbb dah lama tggu tp jam jugak. Bengong jadinye si

Akhirnya setelah 5 jam struggle buat movie maker, siap jugak....exactly at 2.30am!! kesian member2 aku yg bersusah payah tggu buat same2 dgn aku. You guys memang daBOOM!

The next day, we went to the first school that is Sek. Ren. Agama Tengku Amalin Aisyah Putri. Girls school.Our arrival was greeted with 1 of the teachers there. She took us into a large meeting room complementary with LCD and aircond. Baru kami tau yg student kt situ x ramai.. darjah 6 ade 1 kelas dgn 24 student. Darjah 5 ada 3 kelas je.

The talk went well. Aku jadi org yg kedua bg talk lepas intro kawan aku. Ok la sebab aku xpandai nk bagi org ceramah..memang byk kali kene belajar hehe

bagi ceramah..

Lepas tu demonstrasi merawat kucing. Aku la org yg bertanggungjawab handle segment tu. Pkai je lab coat dgn statescope, cukup mengkagumkan budak2 ni. tapi dorang ni well behave. cakap sekali je ikut..maybe sebab sume perempuan..perempuan kan sifat dia lemah lembut.hehe. So aku pon bagi la talk cara2 pegang kucing dgn baik, pastu cara check lungs guna statescope pastu aku bagi budak2 ni

masa demostrasi kucing

yg ni masa suruh budak2 ni buat demo plak..

Lepas tu main magic box. Fuhh letih dgn budak2 ni. sume bagi komitmen yg baik dn senang nk handle. Pastu last bg tgk movie kucing...haa lepas tu abis la program sekolah pertama. Budak2 ni advance betol. Lepas abis tu ramai plak yg mintak facebook dgn no hp. Giler ar.facebook pon aku baru buat tahun lepas tp budak2 ni dh ade.hahaha

kenangan bersama school kids.. :)

Funniest moments:yg paling aku xbole lupa..

1. UMK: kalau manusia sakit jumpe sape??
Budak2: Jumpa doktor
UMK: kalau haiwan sakit jumpa sape??
UMK: .......

2. UMK: knape kucing jantan xbole ade 3 kaler kt badan dia mcm kucing betina??
Budak A: Sebab Allah dah jadikan mcm tu..(innocent face hahahah)
UMK: laa...xbole kene cari jawapan yg saintifik!
Budak B: kalau kucing jantan ada 3 kaler maknenye kucing tu kucing PONDAN!
UMK: ......

3. Budak C: Umur akak 23 kan??
Aku: ishhh...xla, tua sangat tu..
Budak C: owh..akak dh KAWIN kan?
Aku: ......

4. Budak D: Kak Pam ade boyfriend?
Pamela: xde...akak xde boyfriend :)
Budak D: Kalau macam tu cepat la ADD abg saya!!
Pamela: ......

after the talk..

-------------------School Talk 2----------------------

Ok, this time was unexpected. We went to Sek. Ren. Pengkalan Chepa 1 for the 2nd school talk and it wasnt like the previous school. This school is mixed with boys and girls and YEAH...they are totally uncontrollable!!Betul2 mencabar tahap kesabaran. I wonder how the teachers can stand teaching them?? I salute them down the bottom. Must be their patience levels is very high and used to these kids. This time, I didnt do the talking parts. I was just conducting the games and cat demonstration. Tapi budak2 ni memang liar betol la..susah nk tenangkan dorang. Yg bertumbuk depan mata pon ade gak.hmmmp..we was hoping that these kids will be as adorable as much as in the previous school and it is beyond our expectation.It was hard to calm them down and we had to raise our voice (not intended to be mad) just to put them into a silent mode. But it was only last for 5 second.

We dont blame them though, They're kids. We're adults. You can spot the differences. It is necessary for the little kids to be such a notty brat?? I just dont seemed to get the clue. MAYBE AFTER I'M HAVING KIDS BY MY OWN THEN I'LL KNOW HOW DOES IT FEELS LIKE..keh3

They fought over a single pen and almost like a MAYHEM!! the teachers doesnt seem to be care about those 'little monsters'. They just sat there and watch, watch and watch. We dont want to cause any scene like yelling at them or even pull a face but they dont behave well, so what are we going to do??

just to show how good I am to facilitate lol ^^


Finally after giving all the endeavors just to make sure we did our job, we ended the talk. But still those kids kept coming and asking for a pen. It's not like we do not want to give them but they are too many..We could not compensate all . Those who came in front and answer questions will get the pen. So for those whom 'dying' to own that blue pen were willing to even step on their friends in order to get the 'gold'. We were decided of not to give it for them even though I can still see the girls..(whom do not make any noise throughout the program) laid their eyes on me..begging to get the pen. So I came to them and explained. They understood and says " dorang (boys) memang mcm ni pun.."

memories :)

The girls kissed my hand and asked us to come here again.. sempat plak mintak no hphone, hehe
so, that's the end of it. We left the school untouchable..but i got a priceless lesson. We should teach to behave our kids and we must know how to handle variety of kids. They're not the same. Hopefully I can cope up with my patienceness or to control my rage whenever I come across the same little Upin Ipin again hummp

I'm tired. *sigh*. Badly need a rest.

I'm going to Zoo Taiping tomorrow
voluntary work
pastu pegi Latihan Industri 1
hmmm am I ready??

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