datang lagi perasaan itu..

Suddenly it came again..
this thought, this feeling, this ponder
everything triggers,
me and YOU
those memories come crushing through
it's agony, seeing you again..
like a stab in my chest
took this heart out
and shred it into pieces

How did I forget?
How did I went through it?
Just when I thought I was over you
but sometimes
My heart couldn't bluff
I still see my old self
in your eyes
and it's sparkling
and I keep avoid your eyes..
I might fall again..

It's true
that I have learnt everything from the darkest past
I shunned you away in my life
It's hard, though
each and every part of me has tried
but those thought of you keep taunting me
I've done everything I can to ease the pain
and I was sailing in the endless oceans
looking for the port
but there was nothing there..
and I kept continue

It was time, where I finally reached my destination
the time had sat me free
I managed to get rid of you
I finally can stand on my own
this feeling outgrew
and it's built a barrier between us
We're living into two separate worlds
We're never be the same
And I knew..there would be NEVER again

even though I still can feel the torch
I knew it's inevitable
but 1 thing for sure,
whenever I feel hurt
I will sacrifice to let it subsides
I will try to make a new turn
to make sure that this is just a another nightmare
and I'm still sleeping..
when I wake up..
that was just a dream
it wasn't real at all

Let me be like this..
I can never knock your heart again
Because you are enlisted
in my personal list as
"den mand, som jeg foresket i"
I hope,
We're only friends
I'm over you.


Omg, tired..baru balik Zoo Taiping...
that's how Probono's did

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