Cik Meducci kene marah... :(


stop being spoiled!
it was NOTHING
it was a piece of cake!!
shit, u're are not into it!

Maybe u're not used to it..
tu la xpenah ikut mak g pasar
kan dh jadi cmni
org sume ok je
tapi ko sorang je yg pening2 lalat kt situ
nasib baik x muntah
darah je kot
cmne ko nk jadi doktor ni??
doctor is strong physically, mentally
but u??
ko memang x takut darah
tp ko alah bau darah
and..u couldn't even see how they slaugthered those cows
u couldnt beat ur own fear
lacking of strength
mungkin ko ni senstive sangat
xbole tgk violence
memang la..
but u are going to face it for many years to come
u must be strong!!
dont just stand at the back of the door
at least watch and learn!!

balik je abbatoir
terus succumbed atas katil
slept like a hog hahahaha
and woke up groggy..
blurring in and out
headache was still have not gone...

how to train urself to be strong
if you have not work it out?
how to train urself not to be fear?
if you have not tried and learn?
This is the real advanture of being a FUTURE vet, Miss Medc,
you couldn't said no
this path was choosen by you
gotta get through it
there're many thorns through out the journey
but still u must walk carefully,
dont prick yourself dgn duri2 ni
but still, kalau kena, heal yourself, and learn from mistakes..
ok, gotta rush..
Miss Medc, awak masih berada dijalan yg betul..cuma kena betulkan sikit2 je
dont get DEmotivated,
this is just a beginning...

Ps: Latihan Industry I start 31st mei ni..
hopefully, i CAN do this!!

"work like a PROBONO's"

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