it's 1.30am in the morning of 5ft April...

Swarming with the mixed up feelings...

I never wanted to grow up!!FULLSTOP!
I never wished to be what I am now
I never dreamed to have what I achieved now
I was just hoping...things are going easy, smoothly, clearly

But they aren't!!
There's always mistakes done
There's always flaws confined in my thoughts
The road wasn't that straight
The path wasn't that right
I was just hoping...that I made the right decision
That brings me a life that I always dreamed on

Are they for real??
How many people live up their dream??
How many people gave up their dream??
Can it be achieve by fortune? a glimpse of an endeavor?
People are dreaming
So am I..
But it wasn't that easy
I've been through up the hill
Down the mountain
To get into this way
That almost close to my dream
I am still travelling to go there


As time goes by
I learnt many important things
That make me close to the Creator
There are few subjects, which are taught by experience-naturally
Family, Friendship, Loveliness, trustworthy...

Bear in mind, I never wanna failed in each subject
But, the fate has failed me
Not once, twice, or trice
But its constant throughout my life
Whenever I failed Family, I always passed Friendship
Whenever I failed Friendship, I always passed Family
Whenever I failed Love, Friendship and family will always help each other
Whenever I failed most of them...I actually failed myself
I hate my own self, when it happened!!

Blame on my ego
Cos' its ruin my pride
Blame on my sensitivity
Cos' it makes me weak
Blame on my temper
Cos' it makes me evil
Blame on my stupidity
That fools my act

All I need...

Whenever I feel unwanted,
There is always a hand

Whenever I feel blue,
There is always a music

Whenever I wanted to cry
There's always a shoulder to cry on

Whenever I feel hurt,
There is always a antidote

But who give them all??

The answer is YOU....the best things ever happened in my life

Ps: Ditujukan khas buat rakan-rakan tersayang

I always love you


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