StruGgling to the EnD!!

Final exam and Animal Cruelty

I am driven with perplexed with the events within this upcoming weeks and I had thought about it over and over again!! it seems hard and time isn't enough to fulfill all the things i need to be done!! arghhhhh tension!!! those days was very tiring and i still can feel it until now! one more thing,

My hair starts to grow silver..

Which means...i have started to use maximum capacity of my brain for the final exam!! fikir banyak2 smpai beruban rambut....nasib baik x gugur sgt XD

nak final mesti jadi macam sem 1 hari tu...but i hope this final isn't stressful enough sampai lebam2 muka...macam hari tu...

Things I had done:

1. Group discussion
---> discussion group ni la yg paling buat aku study giler2 sebab kene terangkan kat kawan2 yg lain..which is good...hopefully amalan macam ni kekal sampai ke tahun 5..insyaAllah.... :)

2. Presentation
---> cat x present pon. just siapkan powerpoint and buat aku terkejar jugak. kesian kat group nutrition aku...dlm sibuk2 ni sempat kita wat same2..syg korang! ngeee~

3. Studying alone
---> library dh jadi rumah no 2 aku selepas bilik no 6. sampaikan rumate aku geram sebab selalu balik bilik lambat..hhihihihihi syg gak rumate aku kat aku ni..kt library aku study dgn buku and yg paling penting dgn mp3.. i cant study with silentness. romantic songs must stuck in my taw, selalu gak nyanyi sorang2.. hehehe

4. Nutrition test
---> yg ni..hahahaha study last minute..notes pun pinjam org punye (sape la org tu kan3? hahha)..teruk betul aku ni..hahaha. tp thanks soo much to paan, akmal, asma coz ajar aku kira2..i dont do maths well but u guys give me lights to shone the way...waaaaaa~

tp kantoi gak time test aritu =.='' ntah pape aku merapu kt kertas tu. hihihihihi rasenye 60% jawab pkai common sense. ntah la..what is done, is done..we cant rewrite the past kan? tp at least inilah pengajaran yg kene perbetulkan before final ni...

yg best time test tu..aku saiko budak sebelah aku..hahahaha kesian faris :b padahal aku pon kantoi gak.ngeee~

English week

this was happened unexpectedly whereby Abe Arif was suddenly "asking" me to participate in english speaking corner. i told him, that i have this "stage-fright" thingy but he keeps persuasively saying that "this will be the only way you can overcome the fear speaking in front of ppl....bla bla bla " i stand up my point saying that i dont want to but when he did his straight face ( that i thought to be like ok, he's mad) and says "aina, u're in!! " so i said, ok....., i try my best, even though i know i am far more worse than i could be..Asma encouraged me to enter speaking corner since she's too, participating the same competition. Pamela and hezry are also joining me..hopefully we can conquered this and become top on the list..hopefully InsyaAllah.. :)

I do hope that we will win this , in fact other competitions too, because we are representing our faculty and i dont really bother if i lose with other vets...priority is on our FACULTY!! OUR PRIDE!!

My topic will be : Animal Cruelty

( you know why i choose this hehe :D )

Gosh, i need the points and memorise!! faster!! the time running out!!

instead of entering this, i'm also going to join other games, charade (with fizzy, hezry and asma) and scrabble (team with pammie) which is scheduled next week...starting 7thMarch..wowowowowo...
so, no time to relax at all.. study, memorise, bla bla bla...

He's right... life is HARD

Ya Allah, please help me with my fear!!!


I dont know how much more burden i need to shouldered.Everything looks important and need to be reoerganised but i knew Allah is always there for me, support in everything i do, and hopefully March will be a good kick-start for the final exam and let this feeling subsides until the day ends...

It's been almost 2 weeks since I haven't signed in Facebook! yeay!!! sabar2...we almost there...----> 22nd March hehehehe

reaching hand to search for a better future

I'd remember one quote i accidentally met in the book at the library saying,


Quite true isn't it?

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