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Salam wbt

When the story began...

Dah agak lama aku xupdate blog ni dek kesibukan untuk final exam yg berlangsung pada 14 Mac - 22 mac..i was struggling to survive even though aku tau final ni byk menjerat dan terjerat sampaikan aku dh hampir2 angkat bendera putih..but I have faith in my life..better finish what u're started..and so now here i am...I'm gonna tell you the 7 things that made me sit and ponder about my life during the past month..lovely march hehe

First thing first :

Tahniah buat Aku kerana berjaya menepis nafsu FB!!

It has been a month since I haven't signed on FB...walaupun aku gatal2 nk tekan fb tp tahan jugak...and i found it very curable... for those yg fb-addcit listen here guys,

How to curb FB-addictive

1. Hands off FB at least 2 weeks!!! never ever click on any link that connects to FB
2. Make yourself busy ( reading, studying, washing,etc,ect..) anything that enjoys ur stay
3. If you want to search for the information on the net, (if possible) please go to the library,
or another words...stay away from your lappies hahahaha
4. If you feel bored, listen yourself to mp3 or such-a-gadjet to fill u thought
5. same as no 4, if u dont own mp3, put your head on the pillow and count the sheep..1,2,3..
or...briefly take a walk around

Tips2 ni yg aku gunakan memang sgt2 berkesan..smpai sekarang kalau xonline fb sehari dua pon xpe..hehehehe.

2nd: I changed my Blog title and its description

Beyond The Expectation
~I'm just a sinner saved by Grace~

Hidup ni penuh kejutan. sebab tu la unexpected. kadang2 kita nak something tp xdpt and ada pula yg dapat lebih drpada apa yg kita nak...just like my life!! kadang2 benda yg aku rase xkan jadi kat aku, next minute i realise, it DID happen!! so, this what i meant about life is beyond the expectation..

tagline tu?? Yes, I'm a sinner saved by grace. Only grace (with God guidance) can save me from overdoing the sin. Kita bukan bersifat maksum mcm Nabi Muhammad swa yg xpernah melakukan dosa...kita manusia biasa yg selalu melakukan kesilapan..baik tua atau muda tp bersyukurlah, sebab walaupun selalu melakukan dosa tp tetap ingat halal haram..hal inilah yg menghalang kita terus untuk melakukan kesilapan..tujuan kita hidup di dunia ni adalah untuk mencari keredhaan Allah swt..sebab itulah Allah syng kepada Hambanya yg selalu bertaubat atas dosa yg telah dilakukan (fully remorseful)

Dosa dan kesilapan aku hanya Aku, Allah swt dan malaikat yg jaga dua2 belah bahu saja yg tau..

3rd: I am in the state of dilemma

Satu mlm tu, awak luahkan perasaan kt saya
kenapa baru sekarang??
kenapa x 2 tahun yg lalu??
saya yg rasa serba salah...
cukuplah kita hanya sebagai kawan
Hati saya tidak dimiliki sesiapa buat masa sekarang
awak lelaki yg baik, tp...
saya x mahu beri pengharapan kpd awak
saya perlukan masa
Saya harap awak paham
I'm sorry F...

4th: Laptop & motherboard

Laptop aku mcm menyokong je "pakatan 3 weeks off FB" tetibe je rosak! pegi check kedai, dia ckp motherboard rosak.kalau nk ganti kene byr RM300++ tambah kos delivery, i took back my lappy and bawak balik repair KL and pastu tuka window 7 and change its skin color..hahahaha my little acer looks nice and new...syg awak! walaupun aku ada niat nk tuka Dell (hijau) tp bak kate uncle daud, tggu lagi setahun baru tuka..back then, i dont mind to use my darling acer.cost?? dont ask......just bear with it!

sepanjang study week aku x online langsung tp ada hikmahnye jugak...xde la aku lalai tgk internet hari2..masa itu dipenuhi study..Alhamduliilah..kalu nak online cari info, aku pinjam laptop rumate..thnks siti!! nasib baik la aku ade baby sony mp3..bole jgak dgr lagu hari2 hak3..ada yg ckp aku bertambah rajin sebab x dia xtaw cite..huhuhu

5th: I won 2nd runner up in TABOO and speaker in the talk programme for FKP student

ok, this is out of blue!! I wasnt expecting at all!! it just happened that way!! actually, i never played "taboo" before, in fact, i never heard of the game taboo. This was happened during the english week whereby I was supposed to take part in charade, however, i missed my, i was on my way back to hostel that nite and suddenly, there was this 2 chinese called me and asked if i can join them and replace 2 of their members that were absent that night.. i dont know why I am so excited so I said ok! I saw hezry and asked him to join me too. In my thought, i said nevermind if i dont win this, i just wanna have some fun that nite. they taught us how to play and i gave my best shot on the first round.

It was good that we were managed to get into the second round by leaving the first opposition with a tight score. when we got into the second round, we planned the strategies by giving all of the words in scientific manner (taken from vets term and science term) until the judge had to stop the game because it was unfair that the oppositon site are FPK student. Again, we changed our words to the most common ones, and finally, we made into the final round. hehehehe..

Facing the third and final opposition was freaking moment that nite. One of them,Firdaus (whom I called Ferd after the game) was stunning and unbreakable. He and his team almost beat us on the first round by giving us words like "randevous, gonghou...." I was like shit!! I never heard of the word "gonghou" but thanks to hezry, he's our secret weapon!! he described the word by using syllable and we managed to pronouce the word according to the sound of the syllable..
For them, we gave almost the same but hahahaha we tied up 4 round!!

lastly, we were defeated by the word "predicament"...nevermind, I dont mind losing to them because they are damn good..and so are we...maybe luck wasnt on our side that nite..after the game, Ferd introduced himself to me and asking weather I am interested joining the english debating team because he said he likes my agressiveness on the stage.. i couldnt believe my eyes when he said so...was i that "agressive" on stage?? MALUNYEEEEEEEEEEE

so i said, i am a debater but only during sprm day. And...i accepted his offer! i dont know why, he had opened my eyes to join the debate team...and i do need this to improve my english...we exchanged our phone number and he's gonna contact me some other time...

The next day, Abe Arif asked me to be mc on the talk programme between Mr Harry Mulder, a successful businessman from Holland and FKP student. Alhamdulillah, I did better. Mr Mulder even asked me to join him tea time and i refused his offer because I was shy...and and not use speaking to older man...i grabbed my bag and quickly down the stairs hahahahah

6th: study study study

Mood aku byk kali swing.PMS atau x same je...ade je yg buat aku rasa resah, sakit hati..ape2 jelah. time study week ni nafsu tido semakin menjadi2 and makan pun same gak..makan sikit pastu cepat kenyang to lepas 2 jam lapar balik...dlm sehari tu 3-4 kali aku tertido dgn buku. ada 1 hari tu lepas balik dari library ingatkan nk rehat jap tggu asar tp terlelap terlajak smpaila ada org kol ajak kuar pegi pasar mlm. seriously, xpenah aku pengsan mcm ni! my body keeps tired from day to day..lesu..i needed tonic.

7th: final exam

ok, this is my list of difficulty on the subjects according to the exam

Veterinary Biochem

Jgn salah anggap plak... xsemua aku bole jawab. Prof Imad...ur histology paper made my eyes blinking nonstop. and what a stupid mistake i have done in biochem. physiology?? T.T nutrition was ok...but Dr Azam says..******* >.<'' ...english is probably not going to be a leverage and anatomy??? the question was quite fine but my carry mark?? I cant imagine it anymore...i just need to wait..time prevails everything..

After final exam finished I felt nothing...why?? maybe because i was too indulge with all the papers i'd answered and keep think -ve.. T.T

STOP!! relax!! enjoy my hols!!

Apa jadi lepas ni pun, Aku minta keredhaan dari Nya..aku dah buat terbaik untuk final ni...Ya Allah, bukakanlah pintu hatiku untuk terima segala keputusan yg telah Engkau berikan...dan berikanlah kekuatan kepadaku untuk terima kegagalan yg bakal diberikan..Aminnn

The time is running, I am waiting for the final countdown

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