Oh Tuhan..

Everyday I pray
Hope that You always bless me in peace
And strength in my soul for every challenging obstacle
I believe everything has their own reason

You give me hope
To answer all questions
To get through everything with smiles
With sense of thankfulness
I pray that You always watch every move
Bless me, I need blessings from You

Oh God, I give you my everything
To get through everything
In this challenging life
Oh God, I give you my everything
To comfort my soul
In your great guidance, always

There are times I feel
Life as thin as glass
If patients are limit
It'll finally shattered all over
Give my heart strength
To get through sadness
Please spare my strength, to my heart

Shower me with endless blessings
In my life..

Translated from Sheila Majid-Oh Tuhan

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