Brain, please get yourself a rest!

Please, at least, dont overthink too much about things happened around you! Final exam is going to end soon and still I have 1 more paper to go. My biggest vet-enemy; IMMUNOLOGY!!

My brain is getting tired, memorizing and all the stuffs that got in and never came out. Thanks Allah for letting me to went through all the papers; even though it was TOUGH (superlative tough, esp pharmacology and virology), but a single pray from my mum is the strength that accompanied me all the time.

Now, here I am, writing this stuff. Why?? because my brain needs to rest. I don't push myself to study and memorizing (unless last minute hehe) and I have too much silver hair grown on my head **STRESS** and overthinking too much. I can't get rid of it, the harder I tried, the more it's circling my cerebellum.

And thanks to the stress, I ALWAYS IN NEED OF CATHARTIC! I never tried one tough, I trust more on drinking Vitagen but because I learn pharmacology, I always thought of cathartic to help this bowel problem =.=''

Sigh, life can't be beautiful without difficulties right?

Ps: One more paper to go!!

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