Only for you. Dear friend. Read and you'll know that I always be the one for you :)

I came to you and never asked too much
Wondering what you would say
Hoping you understand it's not the role I usually play
Don't speak too much of what's been going on
The past is over and gone
Give me your troubled mind
You know it's due
I can so much for you

Yo're brave to say you'll get lost in life
But you're open your heart to me
Underneath all you feel
You know how deep my sympathy could be
And as the day passes you by, I'll be the one picking up the pieces
Then I leave it up to you
Let you put it on the frame of life
And I'll be the sticking glue
Standing and support from you back
I'm willing to sacrifice
even a fool would know
that I'm not through
I can do so much for you

I want you having you near me
I want you to listen to my heart
Wandering every moment we've been through
It's alright
Having you near me
to touch your fragile heart
and it feels so right
Feels so right

Ps: I always pray the best for you.

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