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Just came back from USM after visited Dr Rahman. My eyes fell down on the floor when contact with his. He's really trying to talk but his brain couldn't work well to meet the words. The words he kept on repeating are hmm...kau...aku tak tau... but he could understand us. His wife is devoted lady. Always with his husband and never left the bed. She updated everything about Dr Rahman. I seriously wanted to cry, but I knew I can't do that, for Dr Rahman will feel sorrow to understand his pathetic situation. Deep down in my heart, I always pray that Dr Rahman will become himself again, despite he meant a world to us. Rahman means loving. And he's a loving person as we know he'll be. I talked with him and he shook his head means he understand every words I'm saying and he grin. That makes my heart grow farther.

Opposite to Dr Rahman's bed, there's a one patient, a guy who suffers from brain cancer. He is the same age with me and currently studying at UMT. I saw his mother fed him food and changed his urine basin. The mother told us that her son has only 8-12 months to live...


Seeing people lying down the hospital bed, make us feel very grateful for being well. It's the sign for you and me to take care our health together. When you the people who had this and that diseases, you feel remorseful. Thankful to God for let us live.

As in Surah Ar-Rahman

Where is the gift from God
that you keep denying??

Dimanakah nikmat Tuhan yang kamu menafikan?

Jawablah sendiri ^^


Tomorrows is gonna be a big day for me. I'm a badminton athlete! hehe. Will be proudly representing vet in KRISMA sport UMK. The chance of winning is slim (AS I KNEW THE PROBABILITY IS ALMOST 0 TO WIN) but still I'm looking forward to play!

Pray for me. Gather all the strength to stand until the last minute. iNSYALLAH

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