grey day

Just woke up from bed feeling groggy, I have no intention to wake up late cos I need to read immunology. But I just can't, the mood is swinging around.

Ah, memang aku tawar hati nak baca immunology sebab semalam jawab test parasite sangat TERUK.

In addition, I have this traumatic effect of immunology after what happened last month. I just can't believe I've flunked this subject. It's distracting my immunology classes. Sorry, Dr Ali..

I need my spirit back. I think I'm not into study mood these days. I sleep early unlike others and wake up late just like others =.=''


I'm going back this week!
Seeing my beloved kulip and of cos MERONG MAHAWANGSA!!

Next week also, I representing VET in badminton with Pamela double team in KRISMA
What?? abis confirm kalah wahahahaha
I'm not fit to win
tp, main je la kan
peduli apa menang x menang, janji masuk..hihi
Raket pun xde =.=''

enough chat, need to shower for class


I send my consolation to Japan for the tsunami and earthquake. Maybe this is another warning from God.

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