An old story that leaves a footprint in heart forever

Suddenly I remember this movie. An old story (1955) about a brave soldier (Sergeant Hassan) whom willing to sacrifice his life against Japanese army in the world war II. An epidermic, most breath-taking and teary-movie; I could rate 5 star for P Ramlee and other casts for making such a huge success in mid 50's. This movie is all over played in our TV until now especially during Merdeka Day. I must say, I have watched this movie over and over again since I as 5 till now. The story never gets bored in my eyes, as I enjoy to watch it. Of all P Ramlee's movie, I could vote Sergeant Hassan as my top and favorite movie besides Do Re Mi, Bujang Lapok and all.

Why?? because this movie is all about willing to sacrifice to defend the country, and the one that we love from villains. This movie delivered it's own message; To love and sacrifice for our beloved land from enemy. God will always be on the our side. The message is clearly shown in this movie.

Almost resemble to the Pearl Harbor tapi yang ni lagi best..

And of course the theme song!! Tunggu Sekejap by Saloma melts to whoever listen. It's almost like Judy Garland " Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Tunggu sekejap wahai kawan
Kerana hujan masih renyai
Tunggu sekejap
Dalam pelukan lalalala..

Malam ini
Belum puas ku bercumbu dgn kanda..

Tunggu sekejap wahai kasih
Tunggulah sampai hujan teduh
Mari kudendang
Jangan mengenang orang jauh

Jangan pulang
Jangan tinggalkan daku sorang
Tunggu sekejap kasih,

See how oldies can do to me?? *heart melts*
P Ramlee is the greatest composer our country ever his song, especially Tunggu Sekejap.

I'll guees thats all for tonite. Mata ngantuk, and I'm looking foward to watch the movie if I got a chance to copy. Do they have this kind of movie anymore?? I guess not :(

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