celcom bongok!

What the hell?? RM150!!!

JUST BECAUSE I online FB on my phone for only 2
bloody days, u charged me RM150!!
seriously, this is not the first time u charged me with unreasonable price
It is all started months ago!
U charged me with extra RM6 for the broadband
(itemizes bill)
but when I want to terminate it, u said
"the service is unavailable!!!"
bongok, each time I call the center, u always replied the same!
" service is not available!!"
so now, cmne ni??
dahla x bagi notice kalau nk charge pon
at least u should have note kalau nk service charge for FB ke, email ke,
yg ni tetibe dtg msg
" ur curent bill till 18th nov 2010 is RM150..."

shit la..
how do i want to pay it??
dah la duit JPA dah abis
see u tomorrow celcom!!
service paling bongok dlm dunia!!

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