Ya Alllah, I really really want it!

It's hard to tell now
The thing is so unsure
I wish
I hope
I count
I pray
I'm going crazy!!!

If I dont get it
I will cry, cry, cryyyyy!!!!
I really wanted this sooo badly

If I get this,
I think my euphoria gonna surge up the sky!!
I will do what's the best for UMK!

Tapi, kene ingat gak
Kalau xdapat
Mungkin Allah dah rancang nk bagi 1 bende yg terbaik buat aku
Allah berikan nikmat yg kemudian
sebab nk tengok kesabaran kita

So be prepare
dari segi mental dan rohani
kalau xdapt
and jangan terlampau show off
kalau dapat..

This Thurdays is going to surprise me..
It's like a ticking bomb
waiting to explode...

I'll tell you what this is all about..this upcoming deadly thursday!

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