A little time for remembrance

It's very hard to forget someone that was always be with us . Someone that leaves a footprint in our heart, and suddenly gone a total recluse. Even we have tried hard to forget and start a new living, but the person keep on wandering in our mind, occasionally especially we are alone.

Why is it hard to let someone go from our live? The two-words good-bye is a taboo words to all the newly-lovers but the only solution though the decision is unbearable. A goodbye needs a sacrifice and the pain is self-subside that leads to the incompetent feelings of losing someone. It happens all the time in our live. Nothing permanent in this world, one has to say goodbye and two hearts must deal with it. Though the self-healing takes forever to cure, but it is something that one has to face; the new life while healing the heart.

A little support from family and friends is needed to suppress the need of caring like we used to be with the person in our life before. Though it is not the same but a little entertainment can help us to restart a new you, without thinking what has happened before. It is true the more we try to forget, the harder it takes to forget. Every single thing reminds us to the person, and we can't run from it. The only solution to this severe heart broken is back to the basic, that is Islam.

Quoted from one Hadith it says;

"Allah never test His man with such an extreme one, but only what is capable of dealing with it"

Yes. True. We can cope with this!!

Sometimes, things happened in the present is due to our past. Surely, we unaware of this until we looked at the thing where people used to involved, but now, it happened to us. What goes around comes around. We need a self-motivating to actually move ourself towards good improvements in the future.

The past no longer haunting on us, if we keep on the right tract without ever turn back. A lesson from the past might be a great barrier to prevent ourself from re-doing it again. Forgetting things in the past is like bleaching the mud from the white shirt, but it'll vanish if we keep on washing it.

Try to throw the memories slowly, and dump all the things we got from them (old version method hahahaha)

I have experienced a darker past, and it is in my head, it can never be remove, but the receptivity is no longer trigger the point. I have a good self-esteem now, thanks to all the friends that always be a backbone during the darkest hour.

Allah always by our side, no matter what problems we're facing and to Him we laid our hands to pray, asking for His forgiveness and mercy. Only He can give you the happiness as long as you cling on Him.

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