To: FriendS

Maybe I shouldn't belong here,

Besides you
To share the laughter, tears, pain and triumph
Maybe I do not like you
Always clipping towards each other,
Sharing gossip,
Hot stuffs,
Anything that kept friendship going

What did I do wrong?
Where was I?
Is it wrong to be nice?
is it wrong to just ignore?
is it wrong not to know anything?
I know, I can feel
My present makes thing worse
Whenever I do, its always put me into alarm mode

I am not an angel
I am not a saint
I am not a celebrity,
People worship
I am not good like you
I do not know nothing
I am just trying to make things better
Jumping into the pond to mingle the fishes
Instead, stuck myself between the weeds

I never be a good friend to you
I do not know what you want from me
I have tried
But none of it came to your eyes
But only slander and nibble
I am so far from reality
I could never be a person that you intended me to be
I'm sorry.. I just can't

Maybe you dont like words coming from my mouth
So, from now I will shoot myself down
Watch the world going with you inside it
I can't be hypocrite,
I might hurt myself as well
Just one wish I want from you
If you cant cope with me,
Please dont pretend you can act
Talking at the back
Please be true
Emit those words at my face
I'm tired of facing the same thing over and over again
Hope you understand..

Maybe the world will be a better place if I'm not around?

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