B7GF06 Reunion

I'm having the blast last night. Me and ex-roomies went to Pizza Hut for the reunion treat by Lai. We have been waiting this day for quite some time. After all, we're all busy and dont have time to tick-tack to each other. But at last, here's the day that we're waiting for sooo much!!

We ordered 2 pizza and other side foods. Looking at the foods, twice of our eating ability, makes us feel like eating monsters.Hahaha. But it's worth it all at Pizza Hut.

muka-muka kelaparan :p

Wait, there's more foods. This is just HALF of them

Carbonara. My meal

Enjoying good meals and fraud faces hehe

Finally, us together
Credit to akak Pizza Hut

We exchanged stories about our life during the last sem. There are some sad stories also, where Puven's aunt passed away due to hospital carelessness. She has 4 kids and now 1 of them living with Puven's family. So nice her family isn't?

The most interesting story is "living African live" by Lai. We burst into laughter and almost tears hearing her story about 7 times eating meggi in 5 days-2 times meal. And I told them stories about my live in Ulu Lepar farm. And after that, we ate again.

We spent 2 hours in the Pizza Hut waiting for the rain to stop and finally walked home with stomach full and the smile of satisfaction.

My appreciation goes to; Siti Umairah, Lai Zee Yun and Puventhiny
♥ ♥ ♥

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