OK. Talk about my trip to abbatoir recently...

I was kinda excited of going to abbatoir jabatan veterinar kelantan. Actually talk about big animal slaugther always send shiver down to my spine. But I kept thinking, this is gonna be a best time for me to overcome my fear towards animal slaugther.

A week before, we went out to KB to buy a pair of gum boot. but my boot is kinda shorter and brown color. bak kata sorang classmate aku ni..mcm nk buat show je..hahaha nk buat cmne?? dh xde pilihan..sebat je boot tu. dh la boot tu comel kecik je mcm si pemakainye,,kih3 :b

And so that particular thursday, we went to the abbatoir at 10.30 am. the place was very close from UMK but yet we took about 15 minutes! we were very mesmerized with the entrance..the vehicles must pass-by the disinfectant hallow (tu pon jakun sampai terkeluar biji mata) so that tayar bas tu kurang bakteria hahaha and here we were arrived.

We were given talk by the admistration and we're divided into 3 groups. i was in the first group and so we "honored" to step into the slaugther room first. with lab coats+boots+and safety cap, i felt like a truly VET..

show time :)

Another disinfectant hallow!! this time, we must cross and dip our boots into the liquid with smells like dettol (memangla, dh nama pun disinfectant) and goes into the room.

and the smell of fresh blood..stinging my nose. i was autamatically "bluekk" when i came and saw..A SKINLESS COW WAS HANGING AT ONE CORNER OF THE ROOM..AND HEADLESS..

mak aiiii, i was staring at it, blinking, thinking, yekk-ing...

listen and learn

looking at those workers who was profesionally skinning the WHOLE cow in a minute making me stared without focusing of what the pegawai was saying. and suddenly i saw alive cow was waiting at the machine. it was waiting to be slaughtered. They let us see how the workers slaughter the cow but i didn't. I was still not strong enough to face anything like this. I stepped out outside the slaughter and i heard the cow was gasping for air when the process happened. the sound...was unforgettable..i can still feel until kita x bole nk ckp kesian sbb nnti kita haram mkn daging lembu daripada kesian lebih baik xyah tgk..

and FIY, lembu2 ni akan dipotong dn dijual ke TESCO..

i was looking at the hanging cow..
the workers was "cleaning" the organs inside it
leaving it bare...

sempat berposing :)

so, i took time surveying the room, from the cow alive until it is it is cut into 4. Quite scary to see. but hmm..

other things they did;

1. Check on the temperature
2. Check the organs

So, belilan daging anda di TESCO..dijamin halal dan selamat dimakan.

the meat is safe to be eaten..


in the refrigerator room.
0-4 celcius
the place where they keep fresh meats before being distributed

On the way back to UMK, i felt rather dizzy and besotted. Maybe because of the fresh smell of blood. i wanted to puke to nothing came out-empty stomach. I never had breakfast that morning..luckily..

I was still felt dizzy when we reached UMK, the sun was out and it shimmering down as if it penetrated through my head and brain. Asma took me to eat and she ordered for me a nice fresh sunquick. Gosh, I felt a lil' bit better.

I "passed out" from 1pm till 6pm..and that's the end of it.

I can't really blame myself of not overcoming my fear towards animal and withstand those bloody smell..I just can't control it...maybe another trip to abbatoir can curb this craziness hehehe.

I wish, I hope
Anyway this my first and im looking foward for the next. I truly enjoyed the trip!

Oh, did i lose touch on history??
my couldnt answer TITAS quiz very well

I need you, Mr G.Santayana!

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