University Malaysia Kelantan

On 28th july 2009, officially, aku dh jadi pelajar universiti!! the age of 18, byk pengalaman yg aku tempuhi untuk capai ke menara gading macm ni... the details of my university..

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine
Pioneer of vet
5 years course (2009-2014)
Located in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan

I'm taking Veterinary profession course, the one I have been dreaming since I was a little girl, and I like it very much...its like a dream come true :) . Still remember, I was screaming my head off when i got this, and the most proud.... My Parents.. Actually, I want the vet course in UPM serdang because it is much nearer compare to Kelantan but whatever still the same, the only differences is UMK has just started their Veterinary faculty compared Vet faculty in UPM.

Thanks To Allah, I am finally found my path :)

the journey to Kelantan by car takes about 7 hours. My dad drove all the way up from KL to Kota Bharu, Kelantan with my mum. I pity him, really..he has his ligament torn in his knee a month before and he had to sit in the chair to perform solat and driving is more atrocious!!! He never complains, yet still strong enough to drive us 3 to UMK.. We reached Kelantan in the evening and omg, im bloody dad?? not a word..

we took a moment to look around UMK, and i found it very small UNIVERSITY compared to others i had been on..( i mean on my flying visit those old days). To be honest, i was scared at first, because this is my 2nd to Kelantan and i had know nobody here and i dont recognize this place..I still remember, it was saturday evening and they had this pasar malam and i came across a bunch of schoolkids that i thought to be UMK students. They are wearing some special uniform and the girls are wearing tudung labuh . I was..omg, do i need to dress like this?? My mum also thinks the same. She approached the kids and ask "adik ni student umk ke??" they looked like surprise and go "xlah mak cik, kami ni sekolah kt sini je...student u xpyh pakai mcm ni..bebas je"


We went to stay in hotel and I found this guy that i also thought to be a UMK student. He was just arrived from Penang (i see his plate nmber on his parents car) i whispered to my dad "Abah, budak ni pon masuk UMK...dia ambik kos ape eh??"

He is Hezry Haizad
A vet student. My future classmate.
(I met him during our 1st meeting session with our dean)

The next day (sunday), we went to UMK for my registration. My cars, many ppl, and very hot. I walk around UMK and see the interrior of UMK...all i kept thinking was can i survive here??? The registration took me about half an hour and my first glimpse of a vet student was Mohd Farhan Haniff... (of course i dont know his name that time hehe) He sat next to me in the photograph session and when I done with photograph session I heard he took a place after me and the photographer said " nate lagi..." My head quickly turn around and my eyes caught on him.. I go " la bakal classmate aku..." I was given hostel no of B7.GF.06 and i met with my roomates.. they are Siti Umaira Rosli (from Pahang), Puventhiny (from Perak) and Lai Zee Yun (from Sabah)..we are 1 malaysia room!! they are nice down to earth..huhuhu :)

my mum during regestration day..

my first day..minggu 3M

Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa 3M UMK

I hate 3M!! since its first day!! Heartache >.<'' this is somehow like orientation week and those facilitators denied it. They kept saying 3M is different from orientation which was completely FRAUD!! But most my friends said this 3M is much more relax compared to other IPTA's. I dont know about that because I have never been to any big orientation like this...not even in matriculation..this was my first.

I met with other vets. I still remember, the first vet girl who be my friend during 3M was Rean and we're still close till now.. ^^ I met others which I think is super cool!! and I said to myself, I'm going to enjoy doing vet for 5 years is because of them...

the only thing i enjoyed was the LDK... we must do a show and present it in front of Vice Chancellor. It was a moment of glory, we practiced modern dancing day and night the result is, we're close together. Even though we did not win any category, the bonds created is more than anything I get during the night...

Sem 1 : Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine, UMK

My pride.. love it :)

To be honest, vet is not something that easy to's hard..First time learning anatomy is like learning while chasing with tiger. The rest was difficult too. I thought of not seeing math after leaving matriculation but I was wrong, the biggest enemy comes with 4 credits!! statistic eeeeee!!! Tormented..

Anatomy: Prof Dr Mujdtahid Djojosugito and Dr Rochman Naim

Prof Mjojo is the best lecturer!!! He comes from University of GajahMada Indonesia and came to UMK temporarily doing research and teaches FASA and VET faculty. He is like a father to us and I admired him so much!! We love to see him doing abduction,adduction and spastic-act hahahahaahahahhaha..cute ^^.He is a man that has an ability to teach. At the end of August, he had to leave us because his contract with UMK is officially over. We made a farewell party wishing him goodluck and hopefully the bond that tightened us will grow strong for he is always in our mind.... this is for him..

To Prof with love

Those anatomy days,of animal tales and confusion are gone
But in my mind,
I know they will still live on and on
But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from pencil to scalpel??
It isn't easy but I'll try

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
To Prof, with love

The time has come,
For closing books and long last looks must end
and as you leave,
I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong
And weak from strong
That's a lot to learn
What can I give you in return??

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart
To Prof, with love...

we miss you!!


His subject was taken over by Dr Rochman Naim, another veterinarian from Indonesia, He taught us throghout the sem and cool too..Kambing lab was always be a challenge for us..dealing with 1-month-dead goat and we are immune with the smell!! huhuhu

Dr Rochman and students..

Avian Lab with Dr Zeha, Dr Mira and Dr Shira

Dr Luqman and Dr Akmal

Dr Shakira, Dr Asma and Dr Ainnul :)

Dr Azam helping out..

vet girls..

ok, i know i looked scary,, hehehe
mcm dalam cite apocalypto

Dr Alireza Bidaie-Intro vet
Prof Imad-Physiology 1
En. Ariezal-english ( love love love his class!!! ) XD
Dr Azam Khan-Genetics..hhuhuhuhuhu best...he's a cool, crazy, motivator, fussy vet!!! listening to him makes you feel like anything is POSSIBLE in this world!

I am his menteee!!

The first 4 months of being a vet student is fun and extremely hectic. We went to JPV to see the small animal surgery and this is first time in my life i see cat's spaying and castration. Pretty cool!
cat spaying


with Dr Siti

me with castration cat ^^

I want to be a VET!! weeee~

As time goes by, sem 1 is over...couple of things I met is sometimes happy, sometimes sad..I rather not talk about that, cos remember it makes my heart churns..anyway, I am happy to be what I am now, despite everything had happened to me for the past 6 months has been spices in my dishes..I tasted sweet, sour, bitter, and those makes me feel like I am a good cook!! I may not be perfect, but I'm trying to be a better person.Sometimes, we cant satisfy all people around us and let it be..I still feel the bitterness and I know time will heal everything...Allah is always there with me and He dont give anything I want, he just give what he thinks i need.. Let it remain a piece of memory in my cerebrum.Alhamdulillah, I am happy now..Everything happened for a reason..we just have to find it..(hikmah) I had found mine, hopefully I will never fall into the same mistakes again :)) InsyaALLAH..

Time will heal everything :)

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Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you. :) Nak tanya, kalau kita minta tukar jurusan kena dalam minggu orientasi ke? So, kalau dapat tukar kena tunggu satu sem pulak ke? Oh lagi satu, let's say saya nak tukar either geoscience or veterinar, boleh ke apply dua dua in case salah satu tak dapat? Tolong ye. Saya dpt offer dekat UMK and course yang saya tak minat. Dah buat research dah tntg that course.

Aina Meducci said...


Tak silap kalau nk tuka kene tunggu panggilan rayuan kut...entahla sy pun tak tau mcm mana sbb dah hampir 4 tahun masuk U. Pasal yg nak pilih2 kos tu, rasanya kene pilih 1 je..

why dont try dulu kos tu? mungkin ade hikmah Allah dah takdirkan adik masuk kos tu.. :)

Dylan Choy said...

Hi. I would be your new junior in UMK this year. Was searching for some blogs regarding the life in UMK. You have definitely brought some relief to myself. Haha. Thank you for sharing your experiences. See you in UMK perhaps? :)


Aina Meducci said...

Hi! Congratulation n welcome to UMK! R u taking vet course too?

Alright, see u around dear junior ^^

Syareena Mustika said...

Hye , I student dip farmasi uitm , and I was thinking nak amik degree in vet kt UMK , ada high chances x ? And brapa minimum pointer needed eh? Can u help ? And ada blaja maths/calculus x ?

Aina Meducci said...

Hi assalamualaikum. I prefer it if u send me an email. blog is too much wide open to share :)

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