To tell you the truth,
I can't help being bitchy
I'm so annoy myself at the moment
Things change, within time
as I was passing by

Some couldn't bear with my sarcastic tone
My mouth firing a machine gun
The words coming out sharp more than a samurai sword
I am NOT sorry for what I had said to these 'people'
I purposely do so
Because I knew them for good,
The one that does not learn the ethics
to behave to other people

I do not know how 'nice' I can be
you can judge, you can condemn
You can love, you can hate
I can't growing up just to please all people
I don't create enemies, they come to me
I dont pretend to be somebody that I'm not to be
because I know myself well
Thanks for the past
That taught me life isnt fair sometimes
Thanks for the hardship I went through
that drew this heart to go on life.
My sincere thanks to friends
that enlightened every journey
as the obstacle grows harder
as the path extend more longer
that leads the way
I am still walking every pace
until I find myself on the right tract
to the chosen DESTINY :)

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