I took a decision and sit-still without saying any word

Silence is the best way to avoid any controversy
But only God knows how my heart jerking from chest
Looking at those angers that never seems to find way end

Where is our sympathy?
Where is our consideration?
Why don't we let them grab the chance to succeed?
Why everything has to follow laws?
Yes, laws are made to be obeyed
But in such situation, laws remains in the code
Instant decisions may save them from falling apart
The hell with law! They have no feeling.
This time ONLY, ONLY this time
Please give they chance,

Are we 1 family?
Family must care for each other
Not to rot one another
We have been together as 1 family
Covalently-bonded to each other
This maybe unfair to you,
But remember, if you help them now
One day, they might be your Saviour
Because We are family
We won't let our family members suffer
Please give hand to them
Let them see the through the light..

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