Horse Riding Day

Today was a blessed day for me, got a chance of riding a horse for FREE!! Thanks to kak Asfarina (an equine lover) took me overnight at Pak Tam's house (Mak Tam delicious Ikan keli masak sambal- 1st time makan 2 ekor sekaligus- and a delicious chicken Tom Yam..) and brought me to Equisterian Park located at Precint 5 PutraJaya the next day.

I was awed with lots of horses in that park. They are big, strong and beautiful. They are tamed to be ridden-of course lah- and some more easily to be played with. The horse keeper is mostly Indonesian man but they are friendly and very experience.

I was ridden a horse named Bart Red-not sure the spelling though- and since my activity is supposed to be Pony Ride (which means just sit at the horse and those horse keeper will take us around the polo field), I only allowed to ride with a rider- huhahaha

the breeds is quite a few. I only remember Arabian Horses and Argentina horses..

So I ride a horse with the instructor, Sham. We went around the field twice and Brat is adorable! :)

Kak Ina is experienced, she could get into the horse and control it easily.-unlike me. She took the horse inti the nearby jungle and leave me with horse rider to take me around the polo field


Have you ever seen a sleeping horse?

Later, Me and Kak ina feed these horses with carrots. It's a wonderful feeling to feed the horse with carrot using our own hands-bare- soothing feeling if you're an animal lover-like me

After that we went to see horse shower. Splendid!

kuda ni bukan mati- dia boring baring golek golek

horse feeding


On the way, we suppose to visit to Equine Unit UPM but unfortunately for us, we dont know the way of entrance. We have tried several ways but couldnt find the way in. At the end, we decided to go back. Its very frustrated, but we will try to find it again..

It's a nice ride experience for me, and I hope I could bring my friends over here.

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