1,2,3..get set go!

Last night was a blast,

The week of sadness had finally blown away
Thanks to Dr Azam and Dr Jasbir for giving us such a tremendous support
for us to stay together, to become one
to crawl into the pace, that has been awaiting us
That is in the YEAR 2 of veterinary medicine :)

Lepas perjumpaan mentor mentee, i felt a wind of change blowing at my sight. I am afraid...takut ape?? aku takut hari2 yg bakal mendatang...byk cabaran yg perlu aku jumpe lepas ni..result sem 2 x kuar lagi...i felt a bit of relieve because i am not ready to face it yet even though i knew the time will come.Talking about result always send shiver down to my spine...i'll get goosebumps somehow hihi

Dr azam asked me about how i have been so far in this faculty..guess what i have said?


Aku xtaw nape tetibe ayat tu terkeluar dr mulut aku..xterpikir pn psl tu. and i was about to reversed back what im saying tetibe je Prof (xingat nama ngeee~) yg join kami and Dr Azam petang tu ckp..
"emotionless?? do you feel that you made the right decision to enter this faculty??". I was very,,, well totally speecless bila Prof tu ckp cmtu..


If I could turn back time, I would say...I am very glad and fortunate to be in this faculty and I have consider all vets are my family. And I will cast all my worries to Dr Azam but I knew exactly what he is going to answer..

"Intan, awak ni negative..." again and again... duhhh

Well that's me :)

Kehadiran junior akan dtg June ni buat aku agak...ntah la, aku mcm xbersedia lg..xtaw nape. I felt a sense a guilt if i say I dont really like it...mungkin dari segi persaingan kot..or something else?? Ya Allah, aku xtaw.. pastu plak subjek2 tahun 2 mcm byk menyusahkan aku tp, insyaAllah bak kata Prof tu, kita kena study smart..huhuhu

Kekosongan rohani

Disebalik hari2 yg mendatang ni,
aku rasa seperti, amal ibadah aku seperti x ikhlas..
i do not know why
i did everything what Allah had instructed
but, why my heart feel lurch?
as if something is going to happen?
I went to surau with my roommate, Siti other day
because i felt lost,
my heart is empty spiritually
when she first asked me, i dont think another second and said YES
after maghrib, the ustaz did some ceramah
even though the ceramah seemed to be quite simple and bersahaja
but i felt like i have gone for ages!
dah lama aku x dgr pengisian rohani mcm ni
rasa seperti aku dh ketinggalan dlm bab2 agama
I'm not perfect, but never tried to be one!! argghh
Thanks to Siti for the invitation,
Good friend always reminds each other
Aku cuba menjadi seorang muslimah yg terbaik di sisi Allah,
walaupun aku tau hal tu xkn jadi serta merta
it takes time and courage,
but i knew there'll always somebody to guide me
to the Sirratul Mustaqim
that is,
My Dear ProBono's!

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