Di sudut hati..

he's right...langit x selalunya cerah, hidup x selalunya indah
each person has his/her own predicament...
masalah aku, masalah org
lebih baik fikir masalah sendiri
rather than interfere other ppl problems..
i prefer to keep it alone, in my heart..
only Allah knows deep inside
if its unbearable,
tears be my company
i cry in my heart,
i cant tell ppl how i feel!!
but somehow, i need to blow it out
i need someone's shoulder to cry on
i need someone to stand me up
aku perlukan kata2 hikmah dan semangat
that's what a friend for

kadang2 aku pn salah
pentingkan diri sendiri
without care the others...
ppl often hurt by my actions...
alpa...kejar perasaan sendiri
at the end, aku sendiri yg rugi
to whom it may concern,
another word from me..
I'm sorry...

when my world turned upside down
i was alone, in the land of ignorance
masa tu baru tau, pentingnya kamu semua
i..... missed the past!
we used to hold hands together
not anymore
we stared in the eye of awkwardness
who made the fire start?
it doesnt matter anymore
as long as i live, aku rindu KAMU

when the sun rise again,
i could see the the other side
the feeling of tormented is starting to fade away
the feeling of happiness is finally surrounds the cloud
the wound in the heart is slowly heal
but it keeps bleeding each time i recalled the history...

in the hour of darkness,
a knight came and rescue me from keep falling
dia hulur tgn, gengam erat..
took me in the journey
that teaches me the real meaning of friendship
"Aina, dont be afraid, no.."

bila semua tu berakhir,
aku syukur kepadaMu
beri peluang sekali lagi untuk mencuba
i might lose something that valuable in my life
but You gave me something else,
endowed friends,
to continue to live with
this time, i may not repeat the same mistake
i dont want to lose them,
aku sayang dgn mereka..
they are my rainbow,
swirling my hazy skies...
silhouette of the broken lights..

now, i am shower in the night full of stars,
tp aku takut tak kekal lama
for there is always obstacles waiting
i wonder if i can get it through??
i am a fighter, yet still bounding the battlefield
there's no way out...
fight fight fight!!
those experience grew me stronger
aku perempuan yg sensitive di hati
once triggered, keras mcm diamond
i will not letting myself fall this time..

kepada kamu,
thanks for coloring my days
i cherished every seconds we were together
Allah temukan kita dari pelbagai tempat
sealed our hearts to become 1
Aku bersyukur kepadaMu
harap2, ia berkekalan sehingga hayat ini berakhir...

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